Auto Assist Safety Tool

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This 3-in-1 automotive mobility safety tool helps you get in and out of your cars safely and securely.

In addition to this primary feature, the Auto Assist Safety Tool also serves as a built-in window breaker and seat belt cutter for emergencies. The tip comes to a point perfectly designed to break glass. A protected blade sits on the upper part of the handle in such a way that only the thickness of a seat belt can get through.

It is perfect for the elderly, injured, plus sized or anyone who needs mobility assistance. Many other people can benefit and this makes a great gift for parents, neighbors and anyone else who struggles to get in and out of their vehicle.

The Auto Assist Safety Tool easily slides into your car's U-shaped striker, which is the door lock point, allowing you to place all of your weight for optimal leverage*.

By helping you enter and exit your vehicle and offering support, the Auto Assist Safety Tool protects you from falls and helps you feel steady. It works on either the passenger or driver side of the door of almost all types of vehicles and provides optimal leverage.

Key benefits:

  • 3-IN-1 SAFETY DEVICE - This helps you get in and out of the car with ease by providing support leverage. It also breaks the windows and cuts the seat belt straps.
  • NO INSTALLATION - Absolutely no installation is required to use the Auto Assist Safety Tool. Simply uses the U-shaped striker plate of your door lock mechanism
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU - This device can fit in a purse or tote and can be moved easily from one car to another. Never be without your Auto Assist Safety Tool.
  • PERFECT FOR MANY PEOPLE - Whether you are elderly, plus sized, have recently had surgery, have mobility impairments or just need some extra support, the Auto Assist Safety Tool is great for you.

The ergonomic grip is non-slip and comfortable. This can easily be moved between cars to be useful no matter whose car you're in.

*Weight capacity is 158 kilograms

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