Buckle Booster Seat Belt Receptacle Raiser

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The Buckle Booster™ is the product we've all been waiting for! Without actually extending the length of your seat belt, the Buckle Booster fits snugly around the receptacle in the rear seats to keep it sturdily upright and accessible. With your new Buckle Booster, you'll be able to buckle yourself with one hand or buckle children in the back seat without struggle.


The Buckle Booster comes in two Kinds: the Long Neck Pullover and the Lil' Hugger. The Long Neck Pullover is a bit taller and is pulled down over the top of the receptacle. The Lil' Hugger has a slit in the side and opens around the receptacle, eating it Pac-Man style (see pictures for more detail).


  • NO MORE FRUSTRATION WITH SEAT BELTS - Do you get annoyed with buried seat belt buckles? It's a hassle digging receptacles from under the seat. The Buckle Booster™ slips around your receptacle in seconds to ensure that your seat belt buckle doesn't get buried. Keeping your receptacle upright and accessible for future rides, this adult and kid-friendly tool makes buckling a breeze.
  • BUCKLE WITH EASE - The Buckle Booster™ stabilizes your seat belt receptacle, so you can smoothly click the metal tongue in. No more wobbly belt that is hard to hold while buckling. No more buried receptacle hiding under the seat or behind car and booster seats.
  • RAISES YOUR RECEPTACLE - The trouble with buckling is not just inadequate space; it's also how far you have to reach for the buckle. The Buckle Booster™ elevates your seat belt receptacle so the metal tongue can click in smoothy and effortlessly. No more strain and struggle - buckle yourself and others quickly and without hassle!
  • PERFECT FOR ADULTS - The Buckle Booster™ allows you to buckle up with just one hand, whether you are in a hurry or have mobility challenges. Are you post-surgery, have arthritis or simply unable to spare a hand for buckling? The Buckle Booster™ lets you buckle yourself and others with one hand. Keeping the receptacle stable, you just need to click the metal tongue in and you're ready to go!
  • IDEAL BETWEEN BOOSTER AND CAR SEATS - Reaching from the side to buckle babies and kids can be frustrating due to the elusive, floppy buckles that get buried under seats. With Buckle Crunch scraping your knuckles when you have three car or booster seats in the back, your buckling job is nearly impossible. With the Buckle Booster™, made from safe materials, buckling loved ones in the back is easy! You can comfortably reach the receptacle, even between car and booster seats. Have one car seat? Reaching the stable, elevated buckle just got easy!

Due to its clever design and superior materials, the Buckle Booster™ will safely improve your ability to buckle yourself and others. The Buckle Booster™ helps many different people, including:

  • Parents buckling their children into the back seats of the vehicle
  • Elderly and other passengers seeking greater independence when buckling
  • Post-surgery or injured passengers with limited range of motion
  • The disabled or mobility impaired, including those with arthritis


The Buckle Booster™ usually works in all back seats. It can sometimes be used in the front for bench seats.

  1. Simply slide the Long Neck Pullover over or stretch the Lil' Hugger around the receptacle that you would like to stabilize
  2. Ensure that it fits firmly at the base, allowing access to the (usually red) release button
  3. Fasten the seat belt with ease


If for any reason the design of your seat belts doesn't work with the Buckle Booster™, please tell us right away! The Buckle Booster™ is a satisfaction guaranteed product. If the area into which your receptacle is recessed is too low or your seat belt receptacle is too wide to fit into the Buckle Booster, please tell us about it, and we'll handle the rest.


The Long Neck Pullover Buckle Booster™ is made of TPE, some of the same material used to make pacifiers, baby bottle parts, and food preparation items like spatulas. This denser version of this same material provides stability for your seat belt buckle and easy access for you! Don't get any ideas, though - you or your kids should not eat or chew on the Buckle Booster™.

The Lil' Hugger Buckle Booster™ is made of food-grade silicon. Again, though, no eating.


    Long Neck Pullover   Lil' Hugger
  Width   2 ¾ in (6.96 cm)   2 ¾ in (6.96 cm)
  Length   2 in (5.08 cm)   1 7/8 in (4.76 cm)
  Height   1 7/8 in (4.76 cm)   1 1/2 in (3.81 cm)
  Hole Width   1 15/16 in (4.92 cm)        2 in (5.08 cm)
  Hole Length        1 1/16 in (2.70 cm)   1 1/4 in (3.175 cm)     
This is not a safety device. Installer must ensure that user and others maintain access to the seat belt release button at all times. Buckle Booster should never be used if it impacts the seat belt's functionality in any way. Seller disclaims all liability, including but not limited to any damages arising from the use of the product. For full disclaimer and warnings, click here. Read all information that comes with the product.

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  • 5
    Buckle booster

    Posted by Monica on 3rd Jul 2023

    This is a great idea and very useful to help kids find the correct spot to clip their seat belt into.

  • 5

    Posted by Georga cox on 8th May 2023


  • 1
    These are not suitable for my car at all

    Posted by Maryanne Said on 26th Sep 2022

    Hard to put on and to hard when seated

  • 1
    Not quite

    Posted by Jessica on 7th Feb 2022

    These don't work in my '08 Honda CRV because the seatbelt buckles are 1) floppy and 2) fall into cracks between the seats. The buckle booster sort-of keeps the buckle from falling between the seats but does not solve the floppy issue. Mostly the buckle slips out of the buckle booster and into the crack as you fumble to buckle it. I still have to lean all the way over my child to locate the buckle and hold it still. I can see that for a car of a different design they might be handy.

  • 2
    Buckle booster not recommended for Honda CRV

    Posted by Gail Rushford on 8th Dec 2021

    I tried one of each style of the buckle booster in the back seat of my CRV. I couldn’t fit one over the buckle and the other one didn’t do any good.

  • 5
    Buckle Booster™ Seat Belt Receptacle Raiser

    Posted by Tom Edwards on 13th Nov 2021

    Tesla Model X Used the Buckle Booster & 5" extender to provide easier access to car seat when we changed over to using vehicle seatbelts to secure child in car seat vs the 5 point harness (per Car Seat instructions). Used the Buckle Booster to move the extender our about an inch from the side of the car seat. Now the child can find and reach the buckle receptacle all by herself. Delivered in a timely manner,

  • 1
    Buckle booster

    Posted by Anita Grieco on 7th Aug 2021

    I'm sorry, I've been happy with all the seat belt extenders I've purchased, but in my car, this was s complete waste of my money and time. Couldn't even pull the seat belt part up from the seat, to use it. But thats I blame on Ford.

  • 5
    Buckle Booster

    Posted by Deb Preston on 6th May 2021

    Works great. Makes the seat belt extender easy to find.

  • 3
    Buckle Booster

    Posted by Terri on 1st May 2021

    Purchased this with high hopes. My Ford Escape's back seatbelt is always missing in action when needed. I could not get the Buckle Booster on (it might possibly have gone on with a bit more effort) and I realized if I did get it on it would interfere with putting the seat down. Drats!! Lovely idea. Didn't work for me. 2017 Ford Escape.