How to Shop Extenders by Car

Shopping for extenders by your car is the way we recommend finding the most likely fitting extender for your needs.

First, choose your car's manufacturer from this list:

From that manufacturer page, use the red dropdown to choose your vehicle's model.

This will bring you to the model's product page. There are a few dropdown menus on this page that will each require a selection.

  1. Some models require that you select the Trim of your vehicle if you know it. If you don't, select the option that indicates that you don't know or "general."
  2. Select your car’s year.
  3. Select the exact seat in the car that you want an extender for. If you need multiple car seat belt extenders for different seats, add the first seat location's extender to your cart and return to the same model page to add the next seat location's extender.
  4. Choose the extender variation that you want.* If you need more help understanding the style options and where they’re most often used by other customers, click here. If you want help choosing length, click here.
  5. Select the country or region in which your vehicle was originally purchased. Please only choose "Other" if your country/region does not appear in the dropdown. If choosing your country or region removes the possibility to purchase the extender you want and selecting Other allows you to purchase the extender, the extender will not fit.

Once you complete the checkout process, we’ll get the most likely fitting extender shipped to you as fast as possible (usually within 24 hours) or be in touch with further details. Remember that all orders include 365 days of free returns, so you never have to worry - we will always find you what you're looking for or refund you.

Click HERE to get started.

*You may notice that at some point in the selection process the button allowing you to purchase your extender disappears and is replaced by a message indicating that your combination of selected options isn't available. In this case, it will likely say what specifically is unavailable. For instance, if you choose an extender style that isn't available for the exact vehicle, the message will encourage you to pick a different extender variation.